Pay Per Click / Google Adwords

Pay Per Click / Google Adwords

PPC, Pay Per Click is the process of gaining traffic by purchasing ads or banners on search engines.

With our carefully selected "pay per click" programs, you actually pay only when a visitors clicks on your banner or ad displayed on another website, so you end up paying only for a very targeted visitor base. Through our tie-ups with different online advertisers we help you to promote your website through this powerful medium. Depending on your business, we find targeted websites - national or international, for your banners to be displayed on. We also create eye-catching banners for your promotional campaign.

The USP of this service it that it provides highly effective, instant results which are achieved by isolating and engaging the exact target market of the client. These consumers, who are already interested, are then re-directed to your site in order to complete their purchase, which is called a conversion. The aim of any online business is to increase its web sales and, while PPC is a great standalone strategy, it can be paired with SEO to instantly generate conversions while your SEO efforts are gaining traction.

PPC ads usually display of search engine networks i.e like Google’s network, which is a collection of millions of sites that have agreed to display ads generating from Google servers. These ads may be in text, image, or flash banners.

PPC Services

Search advertising.

Display network advertising.

PPC Audit & Strategy.

Target the right paid advertising channels.

Measurement of your PPC campaign.

Campaign strategy and optimization plan.

Display advertising.

Improve your click through rates.

Static or animated image ads.

PPC landing pages.

Conversion designed landing pages.

Focus on a specific product/service.

Leads/conversion tracking.

Social Media PPC.

Mobile PPC.

Promo Campaigns.

Website Services

Software Development

Want Pay Per Click / Google Adwords ?Call US OR Write US

Want Pay Per Click / Google Adwords ?

Call US OR Write US

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