Mobile and Responsive Websites

Mobile and Responsive Websites

With mobile phones becoming as powerful as computers, almost 70% of customers today are primarily accessing websites from mobile devices. When you don’t have a mobile compatible website they go somewhere else, and usually to one of your competitors that have a well optimized mobile website. Once gone they won’t be returning any day soon!

Why Mobile Website

Most websites look fine on desktop or on a laptop. The same website on a phone can be a frustrating experience. Desktop websites are not designed to be viewed on tiny screens. Fonts can be too small, images too large, navigation can be clunky, flash simply wont work, high page load, and the list goes on and on.

Even with zoom features, viewing the same website on a cell phone screen is a frustrating user experience. Don’t risk annoying your customers, losing them to competitors or harming your brand.

A mobile website is a website that is made to be compatible and easily accessible on a mobile device like phone.

Features of Mobile / Responsive Website

Our mobile sites use simple, linear interfaces that have minimal left or right navigation. Everything is on the palm of your customers’ hands presented through visually appealing and easy-to-navigate user interface. Your potential buyers will be automatically routed to your mobile website when they access your website from a mobile device. Content is laid in a single column layout, thus making navigation easier for mobile users, while also keeping the pages small that consume excess phone memory.

We make small-sized mobile pages so that your sites load easily and do not consume excess phone memory.

Importance of Mobile Website

For every 1 PC user, there are 5 active mobile phone users worldwide.

Internet usage on mobile has surpassed traditional desktop and laptop internet usage by manifold.

Easy access for people on the move and are not on laptops /desktops.

Your business is 24/7 available on their palms.

Faster & higher ranking on Google search results.

PC website is not compatible with mobile devices.

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Want Mobile and Responsive Websites ?

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